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Arancini Balls

Also called sartùarancina,  supplì or riso frittata, the arancino has been a part of traditional Southern Italian cuisine for several centuries.

you can choose from a variation of 

  1. Mushroom and truffle oil v
  2. Mozzarella and Napolitano v
  3. Khicjudi a recipe of lentils & rice Vg

for 3 pc $9

for 6 pc $15


Bruschetta is an antipasto (starter dish) from Italy consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt. Stems of the recipe can be traced back to Ancient Rome.

You can choose from a variation of

  1. Fresh Tomatoes, Basil and Feta v,VgO
  2. Prawn Aglio e olio 
  3. Toasted colored Peppers with processed Cheese with shallots baked (an Indian favorite) v


Chicken Wings

Wings were considered only for stocks and sauces until about 1960’s when the region of Buffalo started competing with each other and had many variations served in their Pubs

You can choose from a variation of

  1. Southern Fried Wings
  2. Bourbon and BarBQ Wings
  3. Asian infusion Wings

Choice of
3 pcs $10,
6 pcs $18,

Crumb Fried Fish Fillet

This story takes us back to the British era in undivided Bengal. The love of the fish of Bengali’s gave birth to this classic fusion dish, inspired by Fish and Chips. Mildly seasoned with Spices, and served with Kasundi (an Asian Mustard dip).


Beetroot Croquets (v, vgo))

Delicately spiced Beetroot crumb fried and served with Kasundi (an Asian Mustard dip) and garden fresh salad. Try it with our Masala Chai Martini and share your inspiring tale


Chicken Satay

Contemporary scholars say that the English word “satay” is derived from Indonesian: sate, and Malay: saté or satai. Most Southeast Asian countries have their own variations… try our own style 


Main Course

Lamb Cutlets (lg)

Secret Spice rub Grilled Lamb Chops served with our version of Tzatziki, and Garden-fresh Salad. The spices have a blend of Moroccan and Indian Spices, aromatically superior, and mildly tangy


Kerala Cocunut Curry

Juicy Pan-fried fish served on a Bed of Coconut Rice with Kerala coconut stew


Mixed Kebab Skewers

Two Skewers of Lamb Kebab and one skewer of Malai Chicken Kebab served with buttered Rice with fried eggs, grilled tomato and garden fresh Salad


Spinach and Ricotta stuffed Ravioli (V)

Spinach and Ricotta stuffed Ravioli with toasted nuts with Saffron Cream Sauce. onvallis facilisis ante sed sodales lorem.


Khichudi (V,Vg)

Every Indian Mom’s recipe for healing a child, this magical dish has a special therapeutic value, made with lentils and almost mashed rice with ginger, turmeric and lot of love. We all love our mom…and we try recreating this from her memories.
Please choose from either.

  • Pan-fried marinated eggplant (v)
  • Grilled Barramundi



Chicken Kebab Platter (Lg)

Skewered Tender marinated grilled Chicken with Lemon Butter Sauce, served on a bed of Mash with Sautéed Vegetables

Add Pita Bread :- 



Thai Red Curry (V, VgO)

Thai Red Curry with Vegetables or choice of Protein with Steamed Fragrant Rice. They say the story of the curries lingers all across the globe from Thailand. We recreated some fond memories of this beautiful gastronomical country. (v)

  • Chicken
  • Fish






Steamed seasonal veggies (V,Vg,lg,DF)

Food Tales Special Spiced Fries (V, VgO)

Fries (V, VgO)

Sweet Potato Fries (V, VgO,)

Mash (v)

Coconut rice (vg)

Fragrant Steam Rice (vg)


Greek Salad (V)

Favorite across the globe, with beautiful tomatoes, and Feta with the traditional dressing


Greek Caesar Salad (V, Vgo, Lg)

Created by restaurateur Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who operated restaurants in the USA in the 1920s. We have tried to keep the same texture

  1. Add Chicken




Baked Cheese Cake

Baked Cheese Cake served with Compote of seasonal berries and French bean Vanilla Ice cream.


Aunt Suzettes Brownies

Aunt Suzettes Brownies served with Hot Chocolate Fudge and Ice cream



Meringue, berries, house special sorbet, topped with honeycomb


Saffron Churros

Saffron infused with Rosewater Churros 


Gajar ka Halwa (V, Lg)

Warm Indian Carrot Pudding serve with Pistachio and vanilla ice-cream

Extra Scoop :- 



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